• DATE June 25, 2013
  • URL oneinstitute.com/tile/belle-island/

Belle Island

Adam Thomason, CEO of Collision Records and pastor in Flint, Michigan, says no one – not even a pastor – is an island

Belle Island—literally The Most Beautiful Island—was the most enchanted place to go to in Detroit from the 70’s-90’s. The island itself was seen as perfection. It had wild animals you could show your children, a zoo (if you needed something tamer), a mini theme park, a kite flying area, a lush botanical garden and green house. Belle Island was considered by many to be practically flawless. To the average kid or adult though, no one really cared how this Garden-of-Eden-feel was accomplished. Most just thought it was magical, as if the island took care of itself. All the majority cared about was partaking in its benefits with no concern of how and why such a place got to the state of beauty that was so consistently enthralling to experience and take from.

Sadly enough, Pastors—specifically leading pastors—are seen as beauty islands. I’m using this in a sarcastic, oxymoron type way. There is no such thing as a beautiful island when it comes to Christendom. The beauty of sanctification and growth can’t happen on an island. Most would agree with that…until they think about the pastor.

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