• DATE December 7, 2012
  • URL oneinstitute.com/tile/christian-startups/

Christian Startups

Tech entrepreneurs find support from churches and Christian groups

The Huffington Post recently reported on “a small subculture of the tech world that supports Christian entrepreneurs,” pointing to some friends of the One Institute – Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, and the Praxis Labs accelerator program – as key catalysts behind the movement.

Henry Kaestner, co-founder of Bandwidth.com, is quoted in the article saying entrepreneurs have traditionally been hesitant to talk about their faith with investors, since investors tend to be focused, understandably, on shareholder return and profits.

“When somebody says, ‘I’m working for the glory of God,’ it can be hard to get funding. Investors don’t know what box to check,” Kaestner says. EI and Praxis are trying to change that by providing ways for entrepreneurs whose startups are motivated by their Christian faith to find funders who share their core beliefs.

Praxis co-founder Dave Blanchard answers the obvious question: at a time of heightened competition for scarce investor dollars, what’s to keep entrepreneurs from claiming to be more religious than they really are? “We care that a leader is a Christian, and cares about their faith,” Blanchard says. “But then we allow them through the mentorship process to explore what that looks like. If they’re gaming the system, that’s very readable, and it’s actually a turn-off to the people we curate as mentors.”

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