• DATE November 8, 2012
  • URL oneinstitute.com/tile/creative-business/

Creative Business

Phoenix-based entrepreneur and One Institute alumnus Aaron Klusman was recently profiled in Christianity Today

Klusman works hard to turn a profit, as success in business requires, but the dividends extend beyond his investors. As he sees it, thriving businesses are instrumental to the flourishing of any vibrant city, and Phoenix is no exception. “If you’re going to talk about the well being of the city, the reality is that you have to understand economics,” he says. “A city flourishes as its economic engine thrives.”…

The belief that the work of our hands is a way of honoring God has become foundational to Klusman’s theology of work. “There’s intrinsic value in making a table,” he says. “You can take joy in that each day. You don’t need to slap a Bible verse on the leg of the table for it to be stamped with the approval of God.”

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