• DATE January 29, 2013
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Public Distinctiveness

How can Christians do their work with integrity and distinctiveness?

“If society becomes more corrupt and dark,” writes Bible scholar and missiologist Christopher J.H. Wright, “it’s no use blaming society. That’s what fallen human nature does, left unchecked and unchallenged.” The challenge, he argues, is to ask, “Where are the Christians who will live differently in the marketplace?” He goes on to write:

Moral integrity is essential to Christian distinctiveness, which in turn is essential to Christian mission in the public arena. Integrity means that there is no dichotomy between our private and public “face”; between the sacred and the secular in our lives; between the person I am at work and the person I am in church; between what we say and what we do; between what we claim to believe and what we actually practice. This is a major challenge to all believers who live and work in the non-Christian world, and it raises endless ethical dilemmas and often wrenching difficulties of conscience. It is indeed a battlefield – internally and externally. But it is a struggle that cannot be avoided if we are to function with any effectiveness at all as salt and light in society.

To do our work with distinctiveness, we must remember the story in which we are living, a story in which all of creation – the marketplace included – has been tainted by the Fall, and yet is being redeemed by God even now.