• DATE November 30, 2012
  • URL oneinstitute.com/tile/rekindling-joy/

Rekindling Joy

How entrepreneurs can rekindle their joy

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Rosabeth Moss Kanter writes, “Entrepreneurs and innovators are supposed to be happily self-directed. Instead, the same sad story is popping up in many parts of the world. People who left corporate jobs for the joy of entrepreneurship are working harder and feeling less joy.” She then describes three ways entrepreneurs can rekindle their joy.

First, she suggests owning a big idea. “A big idea with a noble purpose also helps people to think beyond the current turmoil to imagine a more appealing future,” she writes. As entrepreneurs who work not just for ourselves but for the glory of God and the common good, we already have a noble purpose beyond our big ideas. How does that noble purpose shape the way you work?

Second, she urges building collective clout. Things that are very difficult to accomplish on our own become much easier when we join forces with others. Whether through formal associations or informal personal networks, have you found ways to work in partnership with likeminded entrepreneurs?

Finally, she recommends finding new uses for old assets. If your venture is starting to stagnate, find new uses for underused or seemingly worthless assets. This may include starting a new business, finding buyers for those assets, or merging with another company. What hidden potential could there be where you’re currently experiencing frustration?

Read Kanter’s full article here