• DATE September 19, 2012
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Social Justice

Our friend, Dr. Anthony Bradley, writes this week at Cardus.

Marketplace leaders, then, have grave responsibilities, because they lead in creating and sustaining employment opportunities that provide platforms for the expansion of human dignity. Without marketplace leaders fighting poverty through innovation and culture-making, societies suffer. Human initiative is squashed and the poor remain economically and politically disenfranchised. Teachers, parents, doctors, pastors, bus drivers, and the like are necessary actors in forming, shaping, and sustaining healthy and virtuous members of the marketplace as entrepreneurs, innovators, and others open up opportunities for new applications of human dignity.
If you want to fight for social justice, you needn’t only work with a non-profit; your daily work is the mission of God. Social justice non-profits certainly do good work, but we ought to work toward a society that has no need of them. We want societies that allow the marketplace to fulfill its calling, sustained by a culture of virtue, so that all can experience the power of being made in the image of God—and so that, at your retirement dinner, you can reflect on the privilege of making of contributing to human flourishing as you transition into new ways of helping people understand what it means to be truly human.

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