• DATE October 7, 2013
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Special Ops

What can marketplace leaders learn from the Navy SEALs?

The objectives of military and corporate leaders may be different, but Shawn Parr of Bulldog Drummond believes those in the marketplace can benefit from some vital lessons from the Navy SEALs.

“From a management standpoint,” he writes, “one of the greatest lessons that can be learned from Navy SEALs is their skill of being highly effective and meticulous planners.” Additionally, SEALs set the bar high when it comes to clear expectations, a lesson applicable for all business leaders:

“Navy SEALs focus on a very clear set of objectives, where significant importance is placed on defining the goal and motivating the team to follow. Even with highly complex operations, each SEAL has a clearly defined role, and expectations can be recited by each team member. Similarly, articulating a compelling vision and aligning people with priorities are vital areas in business, but are often overlooked by many leaders. The SEAL’s rules of engagement (how they respond when confronted) are clearly established before each mission, and modifying these rules could negatively impact the entire operation. The rules of engagement for businesses (what is acceptable employee behavior and what is not) are very often ill-defined or non-existent. One of the biggest disconnects we see in business is the gap between a company’s strategy and the aligned expectations set for the employees.”

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