• DATE April 11, 2013
  • URL oneinstitute.com/tile/vines-trellises/

Vines & Trellises

Sebastian Traeger says pastors and businesspeople should support each other in their day-jobs

Vine work is the Great Commission: making disciples through teaching the Word, whether publicly or one-on-one. Trellis work is creating and maintaining the physical and organizational structures and programs that support vine work. Trellises are important, but are limited and supporting. On the other hand, vine work is the fundamental role of every member of a church. All the members are to be disciple-making disciples who hold one another accountable, encourage one another, exhort and love one another and so on…

To oversimplify, the day-job of a pastor is to do vine work and train others in it. And the day-job of many businesspeople is to build trellises—organizations and structures. When each is doing their day-job in their own spheres, things go swimmingly. But when they come together as members of a local church and their vines and trellises start to overlap, there can be tension. Why? Because in those moments, they both emphasize what they are good at and deemphasize what they are not.

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